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Website Strategy

Website Obective

The first  thing  Geniewebs do when our team  work on a website is plan the  clients  objective / purpose in having a website.

We  explore all   possible  ways the  client  can utilize  the website  and  benefit from it. Different Organisations have different needs, like voluntary organizations to raise funds; Companies to  keep their client base informed and increase  the customer base and profits;  Educational institutes to reach out to more number of students.

Website Design Strategy

Our expertise is in our capacity to plan appropriate web  strategies  for  different  types and organizations and prepare the structure for that site. We do detailed studies on the clients organization, making detailed reports on different startegies that can used to design and develop their websites.

Our Website Design / Development Process

  • We take out time to understand your organization and brainstorm on how a website can help to achieve it's objectives
  • Understand the Service or Product you are offering
  • Define your Target group
  • Plan, research and prepare content for your website
  • Explore strategies already being used, the emerging strategies (business models) anddeveloping new strategies for your site
  • Building on the strengths and positive Perception of your Company and creating an onlinecommunities for your site
  • Your online advertising & Marketing Strategy
  • Database development and management
  • Site front-end and back-end operations
  • Site Promotion strategies
  • Site maintenance

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