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Today, we are living in a highly visual environment. Almost every one has a mobile with camera, Like YouTube, there are inumerable website which have millions of video files and millions of fans who are wathing the video files daily. People now-a-days are more interested in sharing photos, videos over networking sites like facebook. These people do not have time to read lengthy articles, books or reports.

So in these times, your NGO / Non-profit can communicate effectively with your donors, funding agencies and other stake holders using Video Films, Documentaries or Video Presentations.

GenieWebs.com has extensive experience in working with NGOs/Non-profits and can understand different social issues and can come out with innovative communication messages on these issues.

An ever-growing number of you are realizing the power of video to educate and inspire your clients, volunteers, and the general public. But do-it-yourself production can make an organization seem unprofessional, and commercial production companies are not always sensitive to the needs and budgets of non-profits.

combines professional quality with years of experience in professional, educational, and value-centered media products. We bring a sensitivity and depth to issues and projects that other productions companies do not. And we will work hand-in-hand with you from your initial concept to the final edit to make sure you are completely satisfied with both the substance and the style of the finished product.

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