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NGOs / Non-profits who produce more information, reach wider audiences, reinforce NGO impact, grow stronger, and are more likely to raise Additional Support / Funds.

GenieWebs.com is always keen to assist NGO's/Nonprofit organisations and other charitable organisations with website design, website promotion, multimedia presentations, and video needs.

As Professional Web Designers, Developers our Company motto is “ EMPOWERING NGOs THROUGH WEBSITES and INTERNET.

We have a mission focus to help NGO's & Non-profits involved in helping others make the best use of leading-edge technologies. Our Services are :

Website Designing : Your NGO is most active, important, reputable, and visible in the field but is it visible anywhere online? Do you know that your NGO / Nonprofit website can help you in Fund Raising? Realize the full benefits of Internet technologies.

Website Redesign
: Already Have a Website! But, is lack of professionalism in your website design becoming the greater obstacle for your website's impact on donors?

Website Promotion
: Do you already have a website and you think that you have put it up on Internet and it will start generating Funds? It’s not enough – you will also need to know how to spread the word to get people to try it in the first place.

Multimedia Presentation
: Give professional presentations developed with leading-edge media technology, professional photography to inform donors, staff, corporates, beneficiaries, and any interested parties about your NGO / Nonprofit.

Video Presentation / Documentary : Show your organisation, your beneficiaries, your work, your staff, your infrastructure live!! to your donors. Send them a video or cd-rom of your organization, that they can view in their own home, or open on their computer.
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